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In this instance, we were already working for the client completing their loft conversion and was asked if we would be interested in also converting their double garage. Of course, we happily quoted and was accepted to build the space requested.

The client had a vision of converting their garage to have three purposes; storage, office space and an entertainment area. However, instead of making the space look like an extension from their driveway, they wanted it to continue looking like a garage.

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Mr and Mrs Sanderson

What We Did.

To fit with the client’s requirements, we kept one door fully working, which would be used to access the storage area. Inside, they would store their bikes and any other garden or motoring items. The opposite side, on the other hand, we securely closed and this would be used to accommodate the office. Here, the wall would be complete with a large SK06 Velux roof window on the ceiling, providing the client with fantastic light over their desk and into the new room.

The largest of the three spaces in the room would be used for the entertainment area, which we helped to kit out with lots of innovative features. We created a pocket in the ceiling for a projector screen to slide down, as well as a projector in the back of the office wall, which would provide the client with a wonderful cinema experience from the comfort of their home. The client then had a stunning wood bar designed, which really feels like their very own pub tucked away in the corner filled with their favourite drinks and snacks. We believe that they are looking to have a pool table delivered to finish the space!

To access the space, a set of 1.8m wide grey wooden bi-fold doors were installed to the side of the garage, which would also allow the client to step straight into their garden. This means that they can also use their conversion as a garden entertainment room!

The client absolutely loves their new area, and it was just what they requested. They are very happy with the space, and we can see why – who wouldn’t want a full-sized pub in their home?

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