Whether you have a growing family in desperate need of space or you are looking to add a new lease of life to your home, a garage conversion offers a wealth of opportunities. It is the perfect renovation for homeowners looking to enhance space without losing any land. Through a garage conversion, you will be able to take advantage of existing yet often wasted space within your home, creating an extra, fully customised room that you can call your own.

If this is a renovation you have in mind, we have handpicked some of the top garage conversion ideas UK, filling your upcoming project with endless inspiration and helping you to unlock the full potential of your home!

Transform Your Space With Our Garage Conversion Ideas UK

Much like lofts, garages often become the dumping ground for old belongings that, although are not used, are not quite ready to say goodbye yet. However, if your garage is currently no more than an extra storage space, it’s most definitely time to clear out the room and put it to better use.

All garages can be converted, whether they be attached or detached, making this renovation one of the most popular among British homeowners. Through careful planning and scaled drawings, a garage conversion can become a valued asset to your property, forming a space that is both functional and homely. And even better, it couldn’t be easier to tailor the conversion to your needs, whether you create a purpose-built room or a blank canvas to decorate as you wish. To get started, why not take a look at our ten ideas on how you can use your new addition?

Extra information for your project:

Outside Of Garage Conversion

Small Garage Conversion Ideas

Throughout our many years specialising in garage conversions in Bedford, we have been lucky enough to work on many projects, helping clients bring their vision to life. And what we must say is although a single garage may offer less space than an extension, it certainly doesn’t mean you will be short for options. Take a look at our small garage conversion ideas for just a few room types!

1. Home Office

By far, the most popular use for a single garage conversion is a home office, the past few years more so than ever. Makeshift offices may be functional in the meantime, but they are most definitely not practical, leading a significant percentage of homeowners to opt for creating a personalised workplace from the comfort of their homes.

The narrow layout of a single garage means that there is plenty of space to split the office into two. For example, at one end could be your desk setup and at the other a more relaxed seating area, ideal for getting away from the screen on your lunch breaks or for a change of scenery throughout the day. We recommend choosing clever storage solutions to prevent the space from looking cluttered and overcrowded such as floating shelves, fitted cabinets and under-desk drawers.

Take a look at our previous article for more ideas on how you can lay out and decorate your garage conversion office!

Man Working From Home

2. Utility Room

If you still want to use your single garage for storage but in a more practical way, then a utility room is an excellent choice. You can say goodbye to the annoying sound of the washer and dryer while watching TV and instead create a purpose-built space for all utilities to be housed under one roof. This allows you to avoid the larger appliances dampening the aesthetics of your main home while helping you to stay organised.

When designing your garage utility room, the key will be to include plenty of storage. The necessities for a utility room are unlikely to take up the entire conversion, so many homeowners use the remaining space as a larder, pantry or even fit a downstairs toilet. For more handy tips on designing your utility room, take a look at Which?

Small Utility Room

3. Playroom

For those with a young family, it can feel as if toys take over your entire home, so why not create a space dedicated to the littlest members with a playroom? A single garage offers the perfect amount of space for a playroom while allowing you to keep all toys, gadgets and games consoles organised in one place.

Inevitably, it will reach a stage where your children will no longer need a playroom, so to future proof your garage conversion, we recommend choosing a neutral base for the room then add pops of colour through accessories. Picking a white, grey or beige shade for the walls and fitting wooden flooring will mean that once your children have outgrown their playroom, the space can be repurposed into a games room or extra living room for when hosting guests, for example.


4. Studio

The lockdown has inspired many to take a hobby to the next level or start their own business. In this instance, a studio would be a fantastic use for your garage conversion, allowing you to leave your latest project as it is without having to pack up your supplies each day. By adding a touch of personality to every aspect of the studio, you can create a calming yet creative environment and a space that you thoroughly enjoy spending your days in.

Much like a utility room, storage will play a key role in the design of your studio. All of your most used items need to be in easy-to-reach locations, and drawers or trolleys will be ideal for keeping your belongings organised. Erika Lancaster has put together a great guide with more useful organisation tips on keeping your studio tidy!

Woman In Art Studio

5. Bar

Another excellent garage conversion idea for those who love to socialise with friends and family is a bar. Once the garage has been plastered and floor fitted, it couldn’t be easier to kit out the space with a fully functional bar, complete with stools and all of your chosen accessories, whether this may be a pool table, darts board or plenty of speakers.

Last year, we completed a fantastic project for Mr and Mrs Sanderson, who asked us to convert their double garage while our sister company, DJ Moore Lofts, was working on their loft conversion. They opted for splitting the garage into three, accommodating a storage area, office and their very own pub. You can find more details and photos on our case studies page!

Pub Garage Conversion

Double Garage Conversion Ideas UK

A double garage offers an abundance of design opportunities, even allowing you to create more than one new room! If you are weighing up the different options, why not browse our double garage conversion ideas UK?

6. Kitchen Diner

When considering a garage conversion, many assume that the space must remain separate from the home, but this isn’t the only option. For those looking to reconfigure the layout of their home to take a more open-plan approach, why not convert your double garage then knock down the dividing wall to create one large, spacious room? The most popular use of this new space is a kitchen diner, perfect for entertaining guests and spending time as a family, all while adding value to your home.

The most exciting stage of this project will be designing and decorating your new kitchen diner. With the addition of your double garage space, you should have plenty of room to add an island to break up the room, creating a super luxurious atmosphere. We love the host of kitchen diner design ideas on Houzz!

Modern Kitchen Diner

7. Entertainment Room

Instead of selling up and moving home, more and more homeowners are looking to upgrade their existing property, and what better way than to create an entertainment room! Whether you have gamers in the house, adore the cinema experience or regularly host guests, an entertainment room is a perfect opportunity to design a space solely for leisure. The room can be filled with plush, comfortable sofas, surround sound systems, and, of course, a large flat-screen TV – what better space to relax and unwind after a busy week?

If you are looking for entertainment room inspiration, we suggest heading over to our case studies page. Here you can find the garage conversion in Milton Keynes we completed for Mr and Mrs Foster, which involved converting their garage to create a “man cave”, complete with the latest technology and even a fully functioning kitchen!

Entertainment Room

8. Annexe

If you have guests regularly staying over, a family member moving in, or grown-up children needing their own space, a double garage can make for the perfect annexe. Although most common for detached garages, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot also create an annexe on an attached garage as an extension of your home.

The vast amount of floor space to work with on a double garage means that you can easily accommodate a double bed, small kitchen and seating area, creating a studio-like environment. Many homeowners also opt for adding a small extension to their garage annexe for a bathroom.

Storage can be one of the biggest restrictions when moving into an annexe on a long-term basis; however, this can easily be resolved through a garage loft conversion. We have worked on a few projects with clients whereby the loft was boarded out and a hatch installed to create extra storage. Once you have moved in, we suggest using Safestore’s guide to organising your loft!


9. Workshop

As an independent business, renting or purchasing a workshop can be an expensive investment, yet should you have the available space, couldn’t be easier to build from home. A double garage would provide ample space to create different workstations, and with the help of our team, each aspect can be tailored to meet your requirements. It can also be arranged for extra insulation to be added to the space to prevent noisy machinery from disrupting your home.

During your conversion, you may also want to consider adding a small kitchenette to your workshop with a sink and outlets for a kettle, microwave, etc. Not only this, but you could also include an extra section to accommodate a cloakroom-style bathroom.

Woodwork Workshop

10. Garage Gym Conversion Ideas

Another garage conversion use that has grown in popularity since the beginning of the pandemic is a gym. Home workouts have become a preferred method of keeping fit for many, and if this is a route you plan to stick to, the money that would have been spent on a gym membership can be invested into creating your own.

The beauty of a home gym is that, unlike a public gym, you can tailor the entire space to your goals and preferences, investing only in equipment you enjoy using. Even the layout of your gym can be customised, whether you add large mirrors, speakers or soft mats for floor exercises.

While a home gym is likely to be a more costly investment, there is no reason why you cannot start simple and then add to your collection over time. There are many sites, such as Gym Equipment Superstore UK, which sell refurbished equipment for a far lower price without compromising quality.

For more advice on converting a garage into a gym, take a look at our complete guide!

Home Gym

Garage Conversion FAQs

If you are looking for more information on the logistics of a garage conversion, we have put together some extra details below:

How much does a garage conversion cost?

Much like any other home renovation, the cost of a garage conversion differs based on your requirements. For example, our single garage conversions in Bedford start from just £700, and this includes insulation, plastering, window and door installation, socket installation and skirting. However, if you have a double garage, want the loft above to be boarded or would like the space to be decorated, the overall price will be higher.

The best way to gauge an idea is to request a quote from our team. You will be asked several questions based on your individual project so we can provide an accurate, bespoke quote.

Do I need planning permission for a garage conversion?

Typically, you will not need planning permission for a garage conversion, providing that you are not extending the size of the garage itself. However, if you have a listed building, your guidelines are likely to be stricter, so we recommend contacting your local planning authority through your local council.

If you do need planning permission, our team would be more than happy to handle the process on your behalf.

How much value does a garage conversion add?

According to Checkatrade, a garage conversion can add between 10% to 20% to the value of your home. To reach the higher end of the scale, you would need to include additional features such as an ensuite bathroom. More conventional conversions such as a home office are likely to be more towards the 10%, which still equals a significant return!

So, How Will You Use Your New Space?

As one of the most versatile home renovations, a garage conversion is a wonderful property addition for any homeowner hoping to increase living space. Whether you have a specific use in mind and want to create a purpose-built space or plan to use your garage to extend your ground floor, the possibilities truly are endless!