Whether you are planning to sell your home in the future or are looking for ways to improve your home to make living more comfortable while benefiting the property’s value, there are plenty of ways you can add significant amounts of cash to the total sum. One of the main reasons a homeowner is going to be selling their property is because they want to work their way up the property ladder, so making sure that you can squeeze every last penny from your home is vital. This is especially the case when your home is up against a multitude of properties now on the market due to the no stamp duty benefit introduced by the government. While this has sent the property market into a frenzy, and you now have an ocean of potential buyers, if your home is not up to scratch compared to others in your neighbourhood, you may be missing out on selling opportunities.

So, what are the best ways to add value to your home? Well, depending on your budget and how much of an improvement your home requires, there are plenty of ways you can bump up the asking price and catch the eye of potential buyers. Here we run through six of the best possible ways to improve your home, along with how much they can increase the value.

6 Of The Best Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Regardless of how old your property may be, there is often one thing that plays on your mind, whether it’s the need for additional space or updating your kitchen and bathrooms. In fact, many clients that have a garage conversion with the intentions of selling up within a year, often find that they no longer need to put their home on the market to accommodate their need for additional space. There are some exceptionally easy ways to make your home feel more modern and spacious as well as improving its efficiency to lower outgoing costs. Keeping in mind what potential buyers are looking for, here are just a few ways you can transform your home:

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Garage Conversion

Potential value added = 20%

Most homes have a garage, whether it’s attached to the property or has its own little spot at the back of the garden. This makes for the perfect opportunity to replace something that often gets used for tools and unwanted items into a stunning additional room for you and the family to enjoy. The reason this conversion can have such a dramatic increase in the value of your property is because, with every additional room, the property increases in price. For example, a two-bed home is going to be significantly less in value to a three-bed home on the same street.

Not all buyers are looking for a garage, and many are more willing to opt for a home without one if it means that they have additional room to live in. This means that you can transform a once unused space into a lovely bedroom or additional living room depending on where your garage is located. For example, if your garage is not attached to the house and located at the back of the garden, then you can incorporate a stunning home office, garden room, summer living room or even a bar area. Just some of the other room ideas you can incorporate, include the following:

  • Kitchen extension
  • Living room
  • Games room
  • Beauty room/walk in wardrobe
  • Dining room
  • Home office
  • Cinema
  • Bedroom
  • Once you have converted your garage, you can take design inspiration from Real Homes, or speak with the team about how our previous clients have designed their new home additions. When having your garage converted by our experienced team, you can take full advantage of our design and planning expertise. Through specialist planning, you can design a conversion that accommodates your needs and the rooms use, so please feel free to speak with the team about our garage conversions in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, and we can provide you with rough garage conversion costs in Milton Keynes.

    garage conversion

    Loft Conversion

    Potential value added = 21%

    Much like a garage conversion, a loft conversion can add significant value to your home, as well as the comfort of additional space. With a loft conversion, not only are you provided with the space to incorporate a large bedroom, but in many cases, you can also benefit from an ensuite. This makes it perfect for the main bedroom, giving you a nice space to chill out and relax in, perfect for a growing family. A loft conversion can give excellent space compared with a full house extension. As an extension is generally harder to gain planning permission and requires additional land. Whereas with a loft conversion, all you need is the headroom to be within building regulations, and you should be good to go.

    When having a loft conversion, you can choose from various conversion types, such as hip to gable, VELUX or dormer conversions. This makes it exceptionally easy for you to not only cater the conversion to your needs, but also for most homes to incorporate it onto their property. To ensure that your home can accommodate for this, the team may have to lower the ceiling of the rooms below or add some height onto your roof. While this does mean that there is more work involved in your conversion, it can easily be done when placing your trust in our professional and experienced team. Find out more about the loft conversion process over on Homebuilding and Renovating.

    loft conversion

    Update The Bathrooms

    Potential value added = 5%

    Although this is a project that we would recommend leaving as a last resort, it can add some value onto your property. One of the main reasons homeowners are less likely to take this project on, is because you have the potential of redesigning your bathrooms, yet the buyer may decide to go in and completely change the design once they have moved in. This can be extremely disheartening when you’ve spent thousands trying to do it up.

    However, it is still a great way to add a few thousand onto the asking price, and if you do your research, you can find some exceptional bathroom products to do up the room without having to spend a fortune. For example, IKEA is a great haven for those looking to do up their home at a fraction of the cost. On IKEA, you can completely design your bathroom from the cupboards to the tiles, and you can then choose whether to have them installed by a professional or get creative with some DIY. Additionally, you can find cheap door handles for your cupboards as well as showerheads and taps on sites such as B&Q, which are perfect for adding a modern touch to an outdated bathroom on a budget. You can find a few more budget bathroom updates over on Love Property, perfect for giving your space that added luxury.

    modern bathroom

    Replace Outdated Windows

    Potential value added = 15%-20% dependant on materials used

    The windows can have a dramatic effect on how the property feels during both the summer and winter months. If your windows have single glazing or are outdated, then they may not be providing you with the thermal capacity that you require. This can make the home feel cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, while also increasing your energy bills. In fact, new builds in the UK now have to be built with energy-efficient rating windows of no less than a C as well as double glazing. Double glazing has exceptional thermal capabilities and alone can help to reduce your energy bills. When pairing double glazing with uPVC, your windows become not only updated and modern, but you can also benefit from the following:

    • Reduced energy bills
    • Reduced noise pollution
    • Minimised condensation
    • Increased home security
    • Easy maintenance

    However, the biggest benefit of them all is the kerb appeal it can create. Updating your windows has an impact on both the interior and exterior of your home, making it vitally important to find windows that suit your homes appearance as well as your preferences. There are multiple designs that you can choose from, including sliding sash and tilt and turn, all of which can be installed with uPVC. Not only is uPVC a great insulator, but you can also choose from an array of colours. We would advise using natural colours when installing new windows for resale, as this will help to attract most buyers as they are then able to customise their home without having to replace windows. Build It has pieced together a handy article on the different types of windows and how to choose the perfect ones for your property.

    double glazed windows

    Add A Conservatory

    Potential value added = 15%

    Not all homes need additional space for a bedroom, but it can be handy to have a living space that the family can enjoy. A conservatory is an excellent addition on to your home if you are looking for something that can add light into the property. Especially if you have an open plan living layout, a conservatory can help to bring additional light into the home while also acting as a socialising hub. When accompanied by high-quality windows and the addition of conservatory blinds, you can ensure that your conservatory can be comfortable to use in the summer and winter months. Much like every other home improvement, you can fully customise your conservatory to suit the space that you have and your property, using traditional and modern conservatory designs. This makes it easy to find a solution that works best for you and the family, as well as potential buyers when you end up putting your property on the market.

    modern conservatory

    Landscape The Garden

    Potential value added = 20%

    Believe it or not, but your garden can also have a significant impact on the value of your property, and it’s a fairly easy project to undertake if you have the time and skill. A garden that has a stunning setting, flowers and patio can fetch more than one that has unkempt bushes, overgrown trees and more. One of the main reasons for this is that overgrown plants can make the garden look smaller than it actually is, and the other is that while we never like to admit it, looks are everything. A garden that looks up to date, well-kept and vibrant is more likely to attract viewers than one that makes the property look old and tired.

    Despite landscaping gaining you around an additional 20%, it is an extremely cost-effective solution to improving your property. You can choose to hire a landscaper, or undertake the project yourself using guides such as those found on Ideal Home. You will be amazed at how much your garden can change with a few seasonal flowers, evergreens and sculptures. Additionally, don’t forget to incorporate a few into your front garden if you have one. This will help you to make an excellent first impression with viewers and doesn’t take too long to plant!

    landscaped garden

    Transform Your Home Ready For Sale!

    Whether you have a small budget to work with or have grand plans to transform your home, there are many ways in which you can increase kerb appeal and make your home stand out from the crowd. As the competition has grown in recent months, it is more important than ever to make sure that you have a property that could easily become someone’s forever home! If you are looking for a significant change for your property, then why not ask our team about our garage conservation costs in Bedford? Having worked with clients to produce stunning additional space through garage conversion in Bedford and the surrounding areas, you can place your trust in our experienced team to transform your home!