A garage conversion is one of the best ways to add more space onto the lower level of your home, whether it be another bedroom or a socialising hub for the whole family to enjoy. As gyms have been closed throughout the lockdown period, many homeowners are choosing to convert their unused garage space into their very own home gym. There are many benefits to converting your garage into a gym, including:

  • No more excuses for not working out
  • You have the whole place to yourself
  • There is no embarrassment of working out in front of strangers
  • You can take your time using equipment
  • Can include an ensuite for a relaxing and private shower
  • You can choose your workout music
  • Workout at times convenient to you, not gym opening times

As you can see from the multiple benefits above, there is more than one reason why you should invest in a home gym. So, to help you convert a garage into a gym, we have pieced together a guide including everything you need to know about a conversion and how to achieve one.

Garage Home Gym

A Guide On How To Convert A Garage Into A Gym

Home gyms have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years, and it is no surprise considering it functions more than just a practical space to work out. When creating your own gym, you can include only the equipment that you use, and design the room so that it suits your home aesthetics. For example, instead of having bright flashing lights that many gyms have these days, you could open for a calming aesthetic that creates a relaxed space, helping you to feel comfortable enough to start working out.

You can also include other features in your garage conversion to create a more motivating space, such as including speakers or a television. With the benefits and customisable options available in mind, let’s take a closer look at how you can convert your garage into a gym:

Gym Equipment

Find Garage Home Gym Ideas

The first step to designing your garage is to think about how the room is going to be laid out and what features you wish to include in the space. The best way to do this is to make a plan of everything that you wish to incorporate into your new room, and then head to well-known sites for some inspiration. For example, places such as Pinterest are perfect for giving you some ideas of how to layout and decorate your space. Other places to look at include Good Housekeeping and The Spruce, who have a list of home gym ideas to give you some inspiration. Whether you have a big space to work with or a small garage, here are some ideas that you can keep in mind:

Small Home Gym Ideas

In some cases, you may have a small space to work with; for example, you may wish to convert your garage, so that it half extends your dining room, while the other half functions as a gym. If this is the case, then you will need to think carefully about the layout of the room as well as colours and strategic storage, so looking at some small home gym ideas can lend you a helping hand.

For those that love working out with equipment such as weights or ropes, then you will need to think about storage solutions that will not take up a large portion of your floor space. A great way to achieve this is by having a storage wall where you can place all your equipment, including your workout mat on hanging space. Houzz features a brilliant example of this from a company in American, but you can find similar storage units on IKEA. Another solution is to have foldable equipment that you can pack up and pop to one side after working out, or purchase a selection of small gym equipment to make good use of your space.

As is the case with all small rooms, you want to use light and colour to your advantage in your new gym, as this will make the room feel brighter and bigger than it actually is. A fantastic way to achieve this in a gym setting is by incorporating mirrors along the entire wall of your gym. This functions as a great way to bounce light across the room to make it feel bigger while also bringing a hint of classic gym interior design into your room. When painting the room, you want to think of light colours such as whites, and if you wish to incorporate colour, then this can be achieved through lighting, small stripes of paint or even through your equipment. We also recommend bright LED lighting to save you money on your energy bills while making the room feel brighter and bigger.

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Home Gym Ideas On A Budget

Building a gym in your home will end up costing you considerably less than a monthly gym membership, which often averages out at about £30 a month! However, when having anything done to your home, you will always have a budget set based on your savings. This may mean that all you can afford to start with is the conversion itself, and then over time, you introduce equipment into the space. Alternatively, you can find home gym ideas on a budget by researching online. We would always recommend never going for a cheaper option when it comes to the build of your gym, as the price often reflects the quality. However, there are plenty of other ways that you can save a couple of hundred pounds by doing some research.

One of the best ways is to purchase second-hand equipment, which will be considerably cheaper. You can also find gym equipment that does not run off electricity, such as this exercise bike, which is much cheaper to purchase and run. If equipment such as running machines are too expensive for the time being, then you could also opt for cheaper ways to work out, such as skipping ropes, weights or doing yoga. By incorporating a TV into your room, you can watch YouTube videos or sign up for online classes to complete workouts with others.

Smaller Home Gym

Double Garage Home Gym Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a double garage that you plan to convert into a gym, then there are plenty of ideas that you can take into consideration. One of the best layouts is to create sections within the room that allows you to have floor space in the centre for mat exercises. Unlike small garages, the space that comes with a double garage allows you to play around more with colours and equipment. Some of the most popular colours used for large home gyms include the following:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Browns

As well as the colour options, many clients decide to have stone or wood features on the walls to make it feel more rustic; this can also add tones of style into your space, especially when paired with mood lighting. If your garage is located in your garden, then you can also opt for having one wall converted into bi-fold doors. By doing this, it allows you to open up the space, making it feel brighter, while also giving you the perfect setting for working out. In the summer, you can open the bi-fold doors to allow the room to ventilate. Another idea is to have an ensuite added into the room, allowing you to take a relaxing shower after your workout.

When working with our team to design your garage conversions in Milton Keynes, they can help you to create the perfect space that epitomises your style while matching your requirements. So, why not give them a call to start bringing your vision to life?
Large Home Gym

Getting Ready To Turn Garage Into Gym

Once you have decided how your gym will look, it is then time to prepare for your new conversion. To gather a better understanding of how much you can fit in your space, and to help the DJ Moore Garages team to design your gym, we recommend that you declutter your garage. As you will need to do this before the conversion can take place, you may as well get it out of the way in the planning stage so that your garage is ready to be converted straight away. Garages tend to be a place where you store everything you don’t want in sight either outside or inside the home; however, there are a few other places for you to hide your bits and bobs, such as in the attic, or by purchasing a handy shed to store your gardening tools. Additionally, it is also a good way to get rid of items that you have not used in a while that are taking up space. Clutter Free Now has a handy guide on how to declutter your garage!

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The Garage Conversion Process

When working with DJ Moore Garages to convert a garage into living space in Milton Keynes, whether it be a gym, dining room or games room, you can enjoy high quality and refined processes. Our team have been transforming homes for many years, providing leading conversions that transform the home from the inside out. To give you insight into what you can expect, here is roughly how your garage conversion will take place:

  • Measuring Up You Garage – the DJ Moore Garage team will visit your home to take measurements of your garage. This will help us to draw up your plans and give you an insight into what you can feature in the room.
  • Complete Drawings – all drawings required for planning permission will be drawn up by our in-house specialists.
  • Gaining Planning Permission – if required, the team will help you to request planning permission before work can be completed.
  • Empty Your Garage – after gaining planning permission, we will need you to completely empty your garage ready for our team to complete your installation.
  • Converting Your Garage – the team will completely convert your garage to the design you created with them, ensuring that everything from electrics to plumbing is complete for you.
  • Creating Your Interior Design – after the garage is converted, our team can help you to create the perfect interior design, whether that be flooring, installing an ensuite or helping with bespoke features.

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Start Designing Your Garage Conversion

Whether you have some ideas in mind or would like to discuss how your garage can be converted with a professional, our team are always available to start a conversation with you. Whether you are looking for an attached or detached garage conversion in Milton Keynes, our team are well versed in what it takes to bring your vision to life, so we can help to give you some ideas. Give us a call today to start discussing your garage conversion!