Working from home has been an approach that many of us were yet to experience until 2020. For most, this has been down to government restrictions prohibiting us from returning to the workplace, but for others, spending more time than ever at home has inspired a new business venture.

Regardless of your circumstances, making the transition to working from home requires a comfortable, convenient and productivity-boosting space that you enjoy spending your day cooped up in. And even better, you can create a fully functional office even if you are limited in terms of space. We’ve put together a host of small home office ideas to get started!

Transform Your Space With These Small Home Office Ideas

According to an article by Sky News, as many as 8.4 million people are continuing to carry out their duties from the comfort of their homes, which means that the need for an at-home workplace has skyrocketed. As specialists in garage conversions in Bedford, a home office has been one of the most common ways our clients opt for using their new space as it couldn’t be easier to tailor the design and layout to your requirements, even if you have a small single garage to work with. And even better, as your garage conversion is separate from your home, there will no longer be a cross-over between work and home life, making it far more straightforward to maintain a balance.

So if you are considering converting your garage into a small home office or have another space in mind, we have put together a host of inspiration on the following:

Home Office By DJ Moore Garages

Small Home Office Design Ideas

When looking for home office design ideas for your small space, you most definitely won’t be short for inspiration. When converting your single garage, every aspect of your design will be bespoke to you, taking into consideration the features that will make your office as practical as possible, allowing you to work with ease.

For many of our clients, even if your garage is small, it is possible to make your home office a multi-functional space. While one side can feature your desk, drawers and other amenities, the other can feature a small kitchen or lounge area with comfortable seats to enjoy your breaks.

One worry that we often encounter amongst our clients is the storage they may lose after converting their garage. However, this can easily be resolved by swapping the sloped ceiling inside your garage with a conventional horizontal ceiling yet equipped with a loft hatch. This will allow the roof of your garage to still be used as storage. You can find an excellent example of this over on our case study page.

If your garage is particularly small and you want to enhance space, our garage extensions in Bedford are also a possibility. Please feel free to get in touch with our team to arrange a home visit to discuss the opportunities for your conversion project.

Garage Conversion With Kitchen

Small Home Office Desk Ideas

Working in an office environment means that your desk is where 90% of your day will be spent, so the focus should always be on making this area as functional and convenient as possible. With a smaller space, the key will be to think smart with your home office desk ideas and pay particular attention to those that require as little floor space as possible.

By far, one of the most popular space-saving options is a floating desk, which can span across just one wall or wrap around two, depending on how much space you need and how many people will be working in the office. These are available in every possible size, colour and finish, allowing you to tailor the design to complement your interior design. You can even find floating desks that are custom-made, ideal for odd angles or corners.

The beauty of floating desks is not only that they require no floor space but also that they allow you to move freely, perfect if you work on multiple screens. They also offer plenty of space to tuck cabinets and other storage neatly underneath, keeping your office tidy and clutter-free. Take a look at DigsDigs for more fantastic floating desk ideas!

Wooden Floating Desk

Photo Credit: DigsDigs

Small Home Office Decor Ideas

One of the most exciting aspects of creating a home office is the interior design, as there will no longer be any limitations on the visuals for your new space. With a smaller office, while the decor possibilities are endless, we recommend keeping the space a neutral colour palette. This allows light to bounce around the room, creating the illusion of a brighter, more spacious office. Not only this, but more subtle shades create a more calming atmosphere, helping to improve productivity and focus.

More of our favourite home office decor ideas for a smaller space include the following:

  • Accent Wall: Including an accent wall is a great way to add a touch of personality to your office without cluttering your space with accessories. Again, consider designs that balance character without being too bold and overpowering. World Of Wallpaper has a beautiful selection of feature wall designs, so you are guaranteed to find an option that meets your style.
  • Plants & Flowers: Including plants in your office comes alongside a wealth of benefits from helping to clean the air, boost productivity and reduce stress. It is entirely your choice whether you opt for desk plants or statement potted plants, helping to add a pop of colour to your space. Find out which plants to include in your interior design over on Ambius.
  • Chill Area: According to a study by Wild Goose, 36% of those working from home find themselves working longer hours and taking fewer breaks throughout the day. A great way to resolve this is by creating a small chill zone in your office, including a comfortable armchair, a table for food and drinks, and even a bookcase. This will give you the perfect spot to thoroughly relax during your breaks, encouraging you to take them more frequently.

Office With Brick Feature Wall

Small Home Office Storage Ideas

When it comes to keeping your small office organised, clever storage solutions will be your best friend. The home office storage ideas you choose need to work exclusively for you, ensuring that you aren’t wasting time digging around for missing paperwork. Take into consideration factors such as the type of items you need to keep to hand, which need to be filed away and whether you require secure storage for data protection purposes. From here, you can begin to piece together your storage solution.

As mentioned above, cabinets and drawers can be tucked away underneath your floating desk; however, try to keep these to a minimum and instead use wall space to your advantage. File organisers, pegboards and stationery containers can all be fixed to the wall, keeping the desk itself clear. Family Handman has put together a guide to ten of the best home office wall organisers for more inspiration.

For those in need of drawer space, why not invest in a floating desk that has drawers running along the bottom of the work surface? This again prevents you from using any floor space while also providing convenient, easy-to-reach storage for notebooks, files and other items you use throughout each day.

Desk With Wall Storage

Photo Credit: Ideal Home

Small Home Office Lighting Ideas

Many are surprised by the impact that bad lighting can have on an overall office environment. Not only does poor lighting dampen aesthetics, but it can also affect your productivity levels, as well as cause eye strain, headaches and fatigue. This means that when piecing together your design, you should most definitely research into the different home office lighting ideas and determine which would be best suited to you.

If possible, the goal should always be to use natural lighting to your advantage as much as possible. When working with our team to design your semi-detached or detached garage conversion in Bedford, you will have a vast range of quality windows and doors to choose from sourced from leading suppliers. You could even consider adding large bi-folding doors, which will not only allow plenty of light to stream in but will also increase ventilation, further improving your concentration.

Although natural lighting is always preferred, during the winter months, this is limited, so artificial lighting will also be necessary. When installing your lighting fixtures, avoid placing them directly over your desk, as this can cause a harsh glare. Instead, opt for spots that allow the light to diffuse across the office evenly. Should you need direct light for more tedious jobs, consider placing task lighting on your desk, such as an adjustable desk lamp, as this can be used as and when you need it only.

Yellow Themed Office Desk

Small Home Office Shelving Ideas

Along with the storage solutions mentioned above, shelving will also play a vital role in keeping your office tidy while remaining practical. There are a wealth of home office shelving ideas specifically designed for smaller spaces, allowing you to tailor products to suit your requirements.

To prevent your office from becoming overcrowded with shelving, consider balancing floating shelves with wall-mounted units. We recommend opting for units that are designed with the frame and shelves only as opposed to having a solid back and sides. This allows your wall to still be visible, making the space appear more open and, therefore, bigger. IKEA has one of the best collections of shelving units, allowing you to find the perfect solution at an affordable price.

If you are hoping to keep all of your furniture in one section of your office to be able to accommodate a seating area, for example, then an all-in-one desk with shelving above would be ideal. Many of these are available with adjustable shelving, so you can alter the height to suit your needs.

Desk With Shelving Units
Photo Credit: Shelterness

Creating The Perfect Home Office Made Easy!

While designing a home office in a smaller space will take slightly more planning, this doesn’t mean that you cannot include all of the features you have in mind. The key will be to opt for multi-functional furniture and storage, which will keep your office organised without taking up too much of the floorplan. When designing your garage conversion with our reputable team, you will always have full support during the design process, ensuring that your office is the perfect balance between comfort and functionality, all while adding a touch of personality to your new space. We’re just a phone call away to get started!